Photo Wawibox: Professional Material Management - Market, Trends and a Digital Solution

Continuing Medical Education (CME)-training with Exevia

Author: Martin Gerken

In mid-June, Exevia will give dentists an insight into the dental market as part of a CME-certified dental training-course from Wawibox.

The event "Wawibox-Talk: Professional material management - market, trends and a digital solution" takes up the topics of "dental industry" and "material management" and gives a detailed insight into the development of the dental market since 2019 as well as into efficient and modern warehouse and purchasing management and inventory optimization.

In this context, Martin Gerken (Dental Insights Manager) from Exevia reports on trends in the dental industry, such as market developments before and after Covid-19. In addition, the Dental Insights Manager presents relevant benchmarks in the purchasing behavior of other practices and explains relevant questions such as "How many impression materials are used in parallel in the dental office?"