Medical Technology

Shining a light on the technology that supports our biology.


Our MedTech expertise

Medical technology manufacturers not only face the challenges of the healthcare system and medicine but also the opportunities and pressures of the digital revolution. Ever faster R&D cycles, increasing regulatory requirements, cost containment as well as demands on connectivity and remote capabilities mean companies need to operate in a more agile way than ever before.

This is why we have made it our business to consolidate decades of MedTech industry knowledge and research agency expertise to help our clients shine a light on the technology that supports our biology.

industry perspective

Team members bring decades of experience in technology research, regulatory affairs and have accompanied healthcare’s digital revolution.

Broad device experience

From cataract lenses, diabetes pens and endoscopes to C-arms and lipid apheresis systems – we know our way around medical technology big and small.

Uniting user and developer needs

Through working with specialists and patients across settings – hospital, private practice and community medicine – we understand the individual demands and challenges for technologies.

Target group access

We work with specialist recruiters to reach device end-users (doctors, surgeons, nurses, patients) as well as financial and administrative gatekeepers (payers, administrators, managers).

Project examples

Below you will find a few examples of studies we have recently done, but we would rather show you our expertise personally. Get in touch and ask us any questions you have to learn more about our experience in your industry.

Uncovering Digital Trends in MedTech

Navigating digital transformation in medical technology is as complicated as the human body itself. A large organisation asked us to help them shed light on some of their knowledge gaps and help plot a path for future development.

Photo Two Doctors in a Operating Room

The business issue

The regional MedTech SME (Subject Matter Expert) group wanted to improve its support offerings around digitalisation and required an independent perspective on the future of the surgical market. This included key areas for development, challenges for SMEs as well as success stories from around the world.

Our solution

We started by conducting extensive desk research on the top digitalisation trends in surgery. We identified key market players, innovative MedTech areas, and rising stars.

To confirm and expand on these insights, we spoke to members of the SME group, academic KOLs, digitalisation start-up CEOs, and surgeons from Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and the Americas.

Our impact

We provided recommendations for tailored solutions to help local SMEs thrive in a competitive global market that is moving from single, independent products to more interconnected platform-based solutions. Additionally, we consolidated insights on digital acceptance, innovative products and unmet needs to provide advice on interactive support formats, promising collaborations and lobby work.