Navigating the complex and diverse world of pharma from head to toe.


Our pharma expertise

Understanding the pharmaceutical industry requires more than a good grasp of human biology and different indication areas. Diverse healthcare system structures, medical affairs and regulatory frameworks, cultural differences, physician and patient profiles, ethical marketing strategies – to name just a few factors – make the pharmaceutical industry one of the most complex.

This is why we have made it our business to consolidate decades of pharma industry knowledge and research agency expertise to help our clients navigate pharmaceutical’s complexities.

Industry experts on board

Former product and business managers from major pharma players in the Exevia team.

International capability

International team members and trusted industry partners covering healthcare systems worldwide.

Broad indication
area experience

From familial hypercholesterolemia and solid tumours to OTC supplements and decongestants – there is little we have not researched.

Target group access

We work with specialist healthcare recruiters to reach general physicians, specialists, pharmacists, patients, payers, healthcare administrators, and KOLs.

Below are a few examples of studies we have done, but we would rather demonstrate our knowledge personally. Get in touch to ask us any questions you have and learn more about our expertise in your industry.

Breast Cancer
Patient Preferences


The business issue

In Germany, reimbursable drugs are subject to an assessment by the Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care (IQWiG). Our client was preparing a benefit assessment of a new oncology drug for breast cancer which was to include findings on patients' preferences. Conjoint studies, in particular, are accepted as a valid approach to identify such preferences by IQWiG.

Our solution

Through preliminary studies – including desk research as well as qualitative interviews with patients and HCPs – a comprehensive understanding of the indication, the views, language and needs of the breast cancer patients was generated.

The conjoint study was built upon insights from preliminary research and validated in an extensive pre-test phase before launching. Each step in the research process, analysis and data collection with a robust sample was documented and justified in detail to ensure acceptance by IQWiG's reviewers.

Our impact

The patient preference study enabled our client to enrich their benefit dossier for IQWiG with a further line of argumentation and substantiate the product’s benefit from the patient perspective. In addition, our client was able to publish the research in relevant scientific journals and generate further product benefit awareness.