Quality & Compliance

Navigating healthcare’s complexities and delivering the highest quality, every step of the way.

Our quality principles

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    Training and development: We maintain our consistent quality standards through educating the whole team together!

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    Peer review: All partners, processes and deliverables are reviewed and evaluated by the Exevia management team and senior staff.

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    Team consistency: Clients have access to a core team that stays consistent within and across projects. Project leads personally conduct core project steps, including moderation where possible.

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    Guidance: Our quality management and data protection handbooks include all relevant policies and standard operating procedures.


Exevia and our partners comply with market research & data protection guidelines

  • BHBIA (Ethical & Legal Requirements), EphMRA, Esomar, and BVM professional codes of conduct for market research
  • Pharmacovigilance, including BHBIA Adverse Events training
  • Country specific data privacy guidelines and GDPR
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