Early-stage strategy

Identifying opportunities and driving developments forward.

Whether entering a new field or getting ready for a portfolio expansion in a familiar environment, we help our clients gain the best possible understanding of the opportunities and challenges they may face early on. Mapping out the best strategy from the very beginning for market success.

Market landscape

When developing a new drug, medical product or service; informed strategic decisions require an in-depth understanding of market structures, key stakeholders, and current attitudes and practices.

Foto Market Landscape With Three Marked Points

The business issue

We consulted an orphan drug manufacturer aiming to enter the German market. European guidelines for the indication area had only recently been modified to include pharmacological therapies.

To efficiently position their product, our client required an in-depth understanding of current therapeutic practices, including any off-label use.

Our solution

To confirm and expand on our client's knowledge of prevalence and incidence, we conducted desk research and summarized available scientific estimations. Exploratory deep-dive interviews with relevant physicians allowed us to gain qualitative insights about the patient journey, prescribing habits, and unmet needs.

Our impact

We built the foundation for a grounded market entry and sales strategy by providing a quantitative assessment of market potential and an overview of the market landscape. Our mapping of clinical pathways – varying in duration, disease severity, and therapy type – enabled us to identify critical leverage points for our client's product.

Opportunity assessment

Before investing millions in research and development of a new product, companies need to understand what drives choice and how willing target customers are to pay for certain product configurations.


The business issue

A leading manufacturer in the dental industry needed input for the development of the next generation of devices. The focus was on which features the device must have to succeed in an increasingly competitive and dynamic market environment.

Our solution

Online interviews with dentists in 5 countries were conducted, using the ACBC conjoint methodology. Besides price, a wide range of features covering current and potential future needs were tested. The results of the conjoint were triangulated with other data and imported into a model that allowed us to simulate various market scenarios and product configurations in their competitive environment.

Our impact

We were able to give our client clear recommendations as to which features and product configurations to focus on. Furthermore, by calculating market shares and associated sales volume in various market scenarios, we were able to identify the most promising device portfolio strategies and lay the foundation for the team to prioritize their R&D efforts.

Pipeline strategy

To drive long-term success, companies need to understand their markets and continue to innovate. Through continually optimizing existing product line positioning, new pipeline opportunities in the same therapeutic space can be discovered.


The business issue

Our client, a global medical products manufacturer, was keen to identify opportunities to expand market share and add value to its products in the high-value oncology space. Specifically, the client wanted to improve the positioning of its existing products and investigate the potential for new offerings.

Our solution

In order to identify growth opportunities, we explored oncologists´ preferences and decision-making through in-depth qualitative interviews in 6 countries (EU5 and US). We gained insights that helped us map decisions in the oncology space, including drivers of treatment choice, experiences with available therapies, and ideal product characteristics.

Our impact

Our findings revealed multiple pain points in the framework of our client’s product category. We developed recommendations for marketing and communication strategies as well as promising directions for product and service innovations to address these gaps. We discussed, refined, and prioritised these areas together with the client team during an interactive co-creation workshop.


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