Launch excellence

Starting off on the right foot and positioning products for success.

We help our clients lay out optimal go-to market and positioning strategies for their assets. Through thoroughly understanding stakeholders' pain points, needs and hopes, we support the development and refinement of impactful marketing and communication; ultimately leading to desired behavioural change for maximised market uptake.

Go-to market strategy

A well-conceived launch can set the tone for a product’s long-term revenue trajectory, planning ahead pays off!


The business issue

In order to anticipate and combat potential challenges facing their upcoming product launch, our client wanted to understand HCP’s current experiences with a direct competitor that had only recently entered, and allegedly disrupted, the market.

Our solution

We conducted in-depth interviews with prescribers and non-prescribers of the competitor’s medication to ascertain what drives and what prevents HCPs from prescribing the drug more frequently. Furthermore, patient profiles and future prescription intention was explored and challenged under various scenarios to uncover the drug class potential.

Our impact

Understanding current barriers and misconceptions allowed us to pinpoint key leverage areas. It was revealed that HCPs perceived a surprisingly limited patient pool and struggled to convince patients of new therapies. Through designing clear patient profiles and providing patient-targeted materials, our client could educate HCPs and patients through the launch campaign to maximise uptake.

Market segmentation

Tailored communication for a product launch can potentially make the difference between being heard or being ignored. Market segmentation is a great tool to identify distinct key target groups and understand their specific needs.


The business issue

An international pharmaceutical manufacturer needed to prioritize and optimize sales activities prior to a new product launch. In order to do this, a better understanding of specialist physicians’ attitudes to their product category as well as their current prescription behaviour was required.

Our solution

Based on a comprehensive quantitative dataset of 250 physicians, we developed a segmentation framework to help the client’s sales force address physicians in a targeted way. During the analysis, we focused on what really matters – the physicians’ behaviour, prescription preferences, and the underlying drivers.

Our impact

We were able to distinguish three physician segments that clearly differ in their attitudes and therapy habits. By means of a simple to use tagging tool, the sales force was able to assign physicians easily and quickly to one of the segments. Thereby, the client was not only able to prioritize sales force activities, but also tailor the messages to each group’s specific needs and interests.


Using the most persuasive value proposition, at the right time, tailored for the right target group can be crucial to a successful product launch. Clear and distinct positioning, and a compelling sales story is key.


The business issue

A leading medical technology manufacturer had developed a new injector system for use in ophthalmological procedures. In addition to wanting to understand market acceptance and interest, our client needed to identify a market positioning strategy for the new system.

Our solution

Potential product users with influence on the purchasing decision (e.g., head surgeons and nurses) were invited to central locations. Due to the device complexity and importance of handling, they were provided with a prototype of the injector system to test. This ensured realistic and honest feedback on the device could be given directly to the observing client team.

Our impact

We were able to give our client clear recommendations for three arguments that should form the core of the device’s positioning and communication. The insights could be used immediately by our client to brief their communication agency.


The story does not end once a product has been successfully launched. Take a look at Long-term growth to see how we can help grow and maintain the performance of your products and services.